JJ Lares Speck Call (White Front Goose) multiple colors


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JJ Lares Call Co. was started by the late Joe Lares of Chico, CA. This speck call is an upgraded version of Joe’s original adjustable speck call that went out of production around the year 2001.  This same style easy to blow call produces a tantalizing yodel that attracts adult and juvenile white fronts.


The JJ Lares Specklebelly Goose Call.  Joe Lares himself taught many to use this call by imagining you are blowing out a candle.  Unlike the technique used to blow duck calls, this goose call is best when puffing your cheeks out and blow straight thru.  Cupping your hands over the end will generate back pressure to make the call break.  From there you can practice making the whines and clucks to set them up.  Kittle’s Outdoor has been a retailer of JJ Lares calls since 1999 and is the largest waterfowl outfitter in California.  Shop now or visit us at 888 Market St. Colusa, CA.