Duck Call Guide for Hunting Waterfowl: Ducks, Hens & Specks

Duck Call Guide for Hunting Waterfowl

In the heart of Colusa, California, an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts beckons: Kittles Outdoor. This trusted haven for hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors offers a remarkable selection of gear that elevates your experiences in nature. Among their prized collection lies an array of meticulously crafted duck calls that capture the essence of waterfowl in the wild. In this article, we’ll immerse ourselves in the world of duck calls, exploring the diverse offerings at Kittles Outdoor, understanding the art of their use, and uncovering the myriad benefits they bring to every hunter’s quest.Duck Call Guide kittlesoutdoor CA

Duck Calls at Kittles Outdoor

At Kittles Outdoor, a treasure trove of premium hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear awaits you. Among the array of offerings, their collection of duck calls stands out as a symphony of precision and craftsmanship that can lure even the wariest waterfowl to your sights.

JJ Lares Magnum Hen Call: Perfecting the Art of Luring

Hunters who demand excellence flock to the JJ Lares Magnum Hen duck call. Crafted with a matte black finish, this call is not just a tool but an extension of your skill. Its versatility and range mimic the natural tones of a hen, bringing those majestic mallards closer than ever.

Redbone Speck Call: Tailored for the Hunt

Dive into the world of specklebelly goose hunting with the Redbone Speck Call. Designed with precision and tuned for perfection, this call embodies the spirit of the hunt. Its distinct sound profile ensures that these elusive birds become a welcomed challenge.

Sureshot Greenwing and Bluewing Teal Duck Calls: Precision in Every Note

Unlock the secrets of precision with Sureshot’s Greenwing and Bluewing Teal duck calls. Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature as you wield these masterpieces. The lifelike calls of these teal duck calls create an irresistible allure that speaks to the heart of every waterfowl.

Sureshot NXT Duck Calls: Innovation in Your Hands

Experience the future of duck calling with the Sureshot NXT. This call merges traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, making it perfect for both newcomers and seasoned hunters. The ease of use and unmatched performance redefine what a duck call can achieve.

Wingsetter 8-in-1 Quail & Duck Call: Your Ultimate Multi-tool

Versatility takes center stage with the Wingsetter 8-in-1 duck call. Designed for duck and quail, this call is a testament to the ingenuity of outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re chasing waterfowl or upland game, this call adapts to your needs with remarkable finesse.

Wingsetter Raspy Hen Call: Captivating Realism

Elevate your hunting experience with the Wingsetter Raspy Hen. Its double reed construction creates an authentic, raspy hen sound that resonates with mallards. Crafted to perfection, this call allows you to paint the skies with the essence of the wild.

Wingsetter EZ Flutter Whistle Call: Effortless Mastery

Elevate your hunting experience with the Wingsetter Raspy Hen. Its double reed construction creates an authentic, raspy hen sound that resonates with mallards. Crafted to perfection, this call allows you to paint the skies with the essence of the wild.

How to Choose the Best Duck Call: Your Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right duck call can be the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity. Here’s a simple checklist to ensure you find the perfect match:
Duck Call Guide kittlesoutdoor

Benefits of Using a Duck Call to Hunt: Amplifying Your Success

Mastering the use of duck calls opens up a world of advantages for hunters.

Duck Call GuideHunting is not merely a sport; it’s a dance with nature. And the melody that guides this dance is the call of the wild. Duck calls from Kittles Outdoor are more than instruments; they’re conduits that bridge the gap between humans and waterfowl. With the JJ Lares Magnum Hen, your calls become an invitation that resonates through marshes, inviting mallards to your domain. The Sureshot Greenwing and Bluewing Teal duck calls are more than tools; they’re extensions of your soul that replicate the very songs of ducks. When you wield the Sureshot NXT, you’re not just using a call; you’re holding the future, a future that redefines the art of duck calling.

As you send forth the call of the Wingsetter 8-in-1, you’re issuing a multi-faceted symphony that echoes through the wild. It’s not just a call; it’s your guide, adapting to the nuances of the environment. With the Wingsetter Raspy Hen, your calls become whispers that resonate with the ancient stories of the marshes. Every sound evokes the spirits of waterfowl, drawing them to your presence. And in the simplicity of the Wingsetter EZ Flutter, you find the gateway to a new world, a world where your calls resonate as naturally as the rustling of reeds.

Best Duck Call GuideThe Redbone Speck Call is your passport to a different realm of hunting. With each call, you evoke the language of specklebelly geese, connecting with their essence. These calls are not just tools; they’re the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the wild. From the call you choose to the sound you create, every moment is a testament to your journey as a hunter. Embrace the world of duck calls at Kittles Outdoor and let your calls echo through time, leaving your mark on the symphony of the marshes.

How to Use a Duck Call: Step into the Shoes of a Pro

Using a duck call effectively requires practice and finesse. Follow these steps to make the most of your call:

Duck Call Guide for Hunting Waterfowl kittlesoutdoor

Where to Duck Hunt near Colusa, California: Exploring Local Grounds

For Colusa-based hunters, the region offers a wealth of duck hunting opportunities. Explore these five prime locations:
Located just south of the city, this refuge spans over 4,600 acres and hosts a variety of duck species. Its diverse habitats include wetlands, grasslands, and riparian areas, attracting waterfowl in abundance.
Encompassing more than 9,100 acres, Gray Lodge Wildlife Area boasts an extensive network of ponds, marshes, and fields. This diverse landscape provides optimal conditions for waterfowl hunting, especially during the peak migration seasons.
A short drive eastward takes you to this complex, home to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge and Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. The marshes, wetlands, and rice fields create an ideal habitat for ducks, making it a go-to spot for hunters.
Situated northwest of Colusa, Delevan National Wildlife Refuge spans around 5,797 acres. Its varied wetland habitats and abundant food sources attract numerous waterfowl species, making it a prime location for both experienced and novice hunters.
To the west of Colusa lies the Howard Slough Wildlife Area, encompassing 2,257 acres of diverse terrain. From seasonal wetlands to upland habitats, this area provides a unique hunting experience and a chance to encounter various waterfowl species.

Other Duck Hunting Gear at Kittles Outdoor: Beyond the Call

Duck Call Guide for Hunting WaterfowlTo complement your duck calls, explore the diverse range of duck decoys at Kittles Outdoor. For example, the Flashback 2 by Duck Creek Decoy Works is a testament to craftsmanship and realism. These decoys, meticulously designed and textured, are essential tools for enticing ducks within range.

FAQ: Your Duck Call Queries Answered

What’s the best time to use a duck call during hunting? Using a duck call during sunrise and sunset maximizes its effectiveness. Ducks are most active during these periods.
While there’s a learning curve, modern duck calls like the Sureshot NXT are designed to accommodate beginners.
Regularly clean the call with warm water and mild soap, ensuring no debris clogs the reeds.
It’s recommended to have a variety of calls, as different species respond to different sounds.
A well-tuned call can reach up to a mile, but effective range varies based on factors like wind and habitat.
Camouflage helps conceal your presence, enhancing your chances of a successful hunt.
Observe the ducks’ reactions; if they’re veering away, reduce your calling frequency.
Regulations vary by location; ensure you’re familiar with local hunting laws.
Yes, some calls can attract other waterfowl and even game birds like quails.
Double reeds create a more realistic and raspier sound, mimicking hens’ natural calls.

Elevate your duck hunting experience with the extraordinary selection of duck calls at Kittles Outdoor. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting, these meticulously crafted calls can help you connect with the wild in ways you’ve never imagined. Visit Kittles Outdoor in Colusa, California, and embrace the art of waterfowl hunting like never before.


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